MBOX to Outlook Converter Tools Available in the Market

Probably MBOX format is one of the most common mailbox formats in use. But there is no direct conversion of MBOX to Outlook files. Unfortunately Outlook’s importer does not support MBOX files. Some drawbacks of the free method of conversion are broken images, loss of data, low quality outcomes etc.

A Free Method of Doing the MBOX to Outlook Conversion

Most of the free tools would require some prerequisites such as having Windows Explorer, Windows Live Mail (WLM) and Office Outlook installed on the system.

First step is making sure you have all the above installed on your system. Next step is to install any free third party MBOX to Outlook conversion tool.  Convert your MBOX files to EML with the free converter.

Next step is to open the free conversion tool and follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your source files
  2. Add your MBOX files to the list
  3. Click the Set target option
  4. Choose the EML files
  5. Confirm or change the target folder name
  6. Start conversion

The MBOX files are converted to EML. Now you need to convert the EML files to Outlook.

  1. Open Windows Live Mail
  2. Create a New folder with a name and save it at the desired location
  3. Select the target folder for the EML files
  4. Drag and drop the list of files in the email list panel
  5. Match the contents of the source and target folders
  6. Now use the export option
  7. In the Windows Live Mail Export wizard, click Microsoft exchange
  8. Now the conversion from windows live mail to Outlook seems to have been done.
  9. Choose target profile name, click “All Folders” to import all your messages
  10. Click finish to stop the conversion process

Now your files will finally be converted from MBOX to EML and EML to Outlook. There is a high risk associated with free conversion of MBOX to Outlook. But hopefully if you follow all the steps correctly, you will get the desired results.  http://www.digitaltweaks.com/mbox-to-outlook-migration/