PST to EML Converter – A Blessing or Just another Way to Wring Out Money?

There was a time when Mac was not a rage and you would not have even given a thought to convert PST to EML Outlook. Now is the time when Mac has far exceeded Windows machines in many a measure and people gladly move from the latter to the former. Now, in a scenario where people do prefer to convert PST to EML, there is this hot debate that always stays hot – manual conversion vs automated conversion.

What is better – manual conversion or PST to EML converter?

There are people who believe in DIY (Do It Yourself) and there are people who believe in getting it done. Though, primarily, it is not a question of the intrinsic nature if a person, it is definitely about if the person actually knows how to import PST file in Outlook Express. Those who do know may just go ahead and achieve success at it but those who do not, should gladly rest in the second category and rely on a PST to EML converter to import Outlook PST to Outlook Express.

Should you get a Convert PST to EML free or should you pay for it?

Well, you will come across PST to EML converter free versions and PST to EML converter paid versions. Don’t think that a paid tool is trying to wring out money from your pocket for the same thing which even the free version can do. Of course, both will import Outlook PST to Outlook Express but the question is how safely will each do it? Something you pay for will probably prompt enough to guarantee safety; the free tool is what I am doubtful about.

Anyhow, the debate doesn’t end and will not end. It is for the user to try and decide.